Foodclean Jumbo Bags

Foodclean Jumbo Bags

Jumbo bags are increasingly used in the food packaging industry, to accommodate and transport large loads of 500-1500kg.

General characteristics of food jumbo bags:

Bao Jumbo food containers of An Vinh Packaging

– Meets ISO 22000 International Food clean standards.

– Sleeve designs are often used as cover jumbo covers and bottom exhaust jumbo bag feeder bottom discharge. In order to create a closed in the process of closing and discharging.

– Technique sew the fabric edge to avoid the case of yarn spun into the food.

– With jumbo bags for powder, they usually have a coating or PE bag.

Requirements for jumbo bags of food:

What customers are most concerned about when choosing jumbo bags contain food that is safe hygiene factors, strict quality control system of the supplier.

– Standard of clean room

– Strict control of waste products, strange objects, dirt in the bag by means of lights, rinsing, blowing, before packing and wrapping.

– Control through metal detector, avoid strange objects.

– With ultra-fine powder using linen bag, the food contact standards of the Ministry of Health must be met.

– Bag not exposed to the ground during transportation in storage

– Officially trained workers wear a hair net and wash their hands when they go into production

– Jumbo bag transportation to the customer must also be clean, the goods are covered to separate the tank.