Form-stable/Dust-proof Baffle Bag

Form-stable/ Dust-proof Baffle Bag

Baffle Bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once they are filled. Since the shape of the bag is cubic, baffle bags require less storage space and cut down the transportation costs up to 30% compared to the regular big bags. Most of soybean, corn, barley growers uses baffle bags which allows the bag to stand straight.

Baffle Bag is usually sewn with dustproof sewing. There are several levels of FIBC dustproof construction. Users can choose the level of dustproof that meets their needs. Then, the degree of dustproof which in practice proved adequate for this type of material is proposed.

Baffle Bags are usually constructed of the following sections:

– Body: PP woven (polypropylene) circular shape coated or uncoated, weighing from 120gr / m2 – 250gr / m2, depending on working load and the product characteristics. Inside the bag can be added a layer to prevent moisture.

– Baffle: inside the jumbo bag is sewn 4 walls made from woven fabric to connect 4 corners of the bag. The baffles are usually thin and with the rounded holes.

– Inlets: Depending on the product container and the packaging equipment that the inlets can be designed full Open top, Full spout, Open with flap, Duffet top.

– Outlets: Baffle bags has two round bottom or square bottom designs, usually Flat bottom, Discharge spout, Pyjama spout (skirt spout) or Completely Open bottom.

– Straps: Baffle bags in An Vinh is designed U-type lifting straps, can attach 2 crane belts.