Jumbo Bags with Inliner

Jumbo Bags with Inliner

PE wrapped in a jumbo bag is called Inliner.

Used when packing super-fine powder, water, moisture, food safety.

In Vietnam, most of them use the bottom welded tube (for jumbo bottom) or the two ends (jumbo have exhaust pipe).

Overseas, Liner is shaped like a jumbo bag.

The PE bag size depends on the size of the jumbo bag, usually in sizes:

– Jumbo bags 90x90x120cm PE bag 190x290cm,….

– Jumbo bags 95x95x120cm, PE bag 200x300cm, 200x350cm,…

The thickness of PE Inliner depends on the container products (1zem = 10 mic):

– 50-60 mic: agricultural products, mud, fine powder, …

– 80 – 100 mic: corn silage, water, ..