Corporate culture is not just the communication or business culture as we often think; It is not a slogan hanging in the office; That is the idea, the idea of ​​the Enterprise. Corporate culture is the essence of the brand and represents the difference in the value of the business.

From the beginning of the establishment, An Vinh has always oriented to develop the company following

  • “An Phat Culture”At An Phat Holdings, corporate culture is defined as a vital factor and a secret of human management. Derived from the word “Human” and taking it as core value, An Phat culture gradually formed, survive to become a viewpoint, oriented into the activities of enterprises. For us, culture and knowledge are the key factors for the development of company.
  • The core values ​​of An Phat are: “Innovation – Creativity”, “Solidarity – Discipline”, “Humanity – Sharing”, to achieve “Efficiency – Sustainable”


At An Phat Holdings Group as well as An Vinh, all employees are treated fairly. Leaders and staff are driven and governed by the 9G Cultural Behavior for Leaders.

  • – Family (Gia đình)
  • – Keep faith (Giữ tín)
  • – Exemplary (Gương mẫu)
  • – Reponsibility (Gánh vác)
  • – Kindness (Gần gũi)
  • – Suggestive (Gợi mở)
  • – Education (Giáo dục)
  • – Help (Giúp đỡ)
  • – Monitoring (Giám sát)

9T Cultural Behavior for Employees is also featured in the company to create the best working environment. 9T Cultural Behavior includes

  • – Respect (Tôn trọng)
  • – Honest (Trung thực)
  • – Performance (Thực hiện)
  • – Compliance (Tuân thủ)
  • – Enthusiasm (Tâm huyết)
  • – Confidence (Tự tin)
  • – Unionize (Tập thể)
  • – Experienced (Thạo việc)
  • – Responsibility (Trách nhiệm)

Thanks to that, each employee, every An Phat people become the people who work wholeheartedly, not afraid of hardships, full responsibility, always rise and creativity non-stop.


Being a large corporation with a strategic vision, An Vinh creates a bold environment for corporate culture to develop human resources with depth. An Phat Culture has many similarities with Japanese Culture, such as:

  • – Being on time
  • – Greetings Culture
  • – Faithful Culture
  • – Creative Culture
  • – Overcome difficulties
  • – Claim Culture.

These cultures, together with 9G, 9T culture, are instilled into each An Phat person and become the principles of behavior in working as well as personality training.

The core values ​​of An Phat culture lie in the “Innovation – Creativity” mentality, the spirit of “Unity – Discipline”, Action “Humanities – Sharing”, to achieve “Efficiency – Sustain”


We set ourselves the business principle of harmonizing business goals with social responsibility. With a desire to contribute more to a prosperous society, An Vinh in particular and An Phat Holdings Group in general have devoted much to the implementation of programs with humanitarian significance, strong deployment of activities charity – social, representing the practicality of corporate responsibility for the community. Social responsibility is one of the primary goals that ensure the sustainable development of our business.