AnPhat Holdings


Over the past 16 years of construction and growth, AN PHAT HOLDINGS has now become one of the leading companies in producing plastic thin-film package all over Vietnam and South East Asia.

  • With 11 member companies in which 2 companies have been listed on Vietnam stock market, our brand reputation, prestige and position have been proved since we have exported our products to such abroad markets as Europe, USA, UAE, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, etc.
  • By the end of 2017, An Phat Holdings has reached the avenue of about 4.076 billion VND with more than 2400 staffs.
  • Nowadays, we are truly and completely confident with our competence and competitive advantages to step into a whole new stage with new projects focusing on environmentally-friendly package, high-tech plastic resin, chemicals and additives, artificial polyester, plastic input, etc. Through researching and revolutionizing, we are always willing to bring all of the best things to our customers, stakeholders and employees.
  • Along with the trend of shifting from using normal plastic products to consuming high-technology ones, An Phat Holdings, with a view of preserving sustainable value and protecting humans, nature, environment, has built up a vision which becomes lodestars in our operation system. Today, our path would be longer but more meaningful because every effort we take is to serve the benefit of our community, to “green up the future”.


  • 2002

    Established Period

    In September 2002, An Phat plastic was founded with the first name "Anh Hai Duy Ltd." and authorized capital was just 500 million VND.
    In April 2004, "Anh Hai Duy" expanded the first step when hiring 10.000 m2 land at Nam Sach Industrial Zone to invest in Plastic Bag Factory. In June 2005, the next factory was established with area 19,967 m2 at An Dong Industrial Zone .
    And till March 2007, company's scale pass over the range of a small private firm, "Anh Hai Duy" was renamed An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC. with authorized capital 30 billion VND.

  • 2007

    Beginning Period

    In March 2007, "Anh Hai Duy", expanded on larger scale, was renamed An Phat Plastic & Green Environment with authorized capital 30 billion VND.
    In April 2007, our firm raised authorized capital to 60 billion and 66 billion VND in December 2007 because there were more shareholders joining business capital, including Beira Investment Limited Company.

  • 2010

    The Stage Of Transition

    Being supplied new source of capital, in September 2009, we built Factory 3 with area 20,064 m2, strategic products was bio degradable plastic bags and high-grade roll bags.
    In November 2009, our firm renamed "An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC. to suit the target and orientation "Produce green, steady, Protect environment".
    In April 2010, our firm continued increasing authorized capital to 99 billion VND because of releasing stocks to current shareholders. And in July 2010, the name AAA officially appeared which characterized for Stock Code listed on the Stock Exchange.

  • 2017

    Major Growth

    In 2017, along with pressing Factory 6 into operating with 70% capacity, and Factory 7 started running, An Phat Plastic marked a significant milestone: the export production reached 8000 tons a month for the first time, becoming the leading plastic bag manufacturer.
    An Phat Holdings was established, bringing An Phat to the corporate model, with the vision that will become the leading group in Plastic Industry in Southeast Asia.