An Vinh

Corporate Culture


Corporate culture is not just the communication or business culture as we often think; It is not a slogan hanging in the office; That is the idea, the idea of ​​the Enterprise. Corporate culture is the essence of the brand and represents the difference in the value of the business.

From the beginning of the establishment, An Vinh has always oriented to develop the company following “An Phat Culture”. At An Phat Holdings, corporate culture is defined as a vital factor and a secret of human management. Derived from the word “Human” and taking it as core value, An Phat culture gradually formed, survive to become a viewpoint, oriented into the activities of enterprises. For us, culture and knowledge are the key factors for the development of company.

The core values ​​of An Phat are: “Innovation – Creativity”, “Solidarity – Discipline”, “Humanity – Sharing”, to achieve “Efficiency – Sustainable”