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Jumbo Bag for agriculture products

Jumbo Bag for agriculture products


FIBC to contain animal feed, or other agriculture products like rice, pepper, coffee, corn… with the loading capacity from 500 to 1000Kgs.

Each agriculture product has its own requirement to the preservation and transportation especially is the hygiene safety, and the loading capacity required.


FIBC for agriculture products is made by the medium thickness fabric, body is circular. The medium fabric will help the air outside can come in the bag which is helpful for the product inside to last longer, prevent the mold….

Circular FIBC has the round body with only one connected line which makes the body stable. Minimize the broken fabric issue or the sewing thread issue during the transportation, loading/unloading.

This type of FIBC is designed with top-bottom spout to improve the filling/discharge process.

To the product which needs the dry environment, the bag will be laminated to protect the product inside from water or humidity.

– 90x105x150cm
– 90x90x150cm
– 100x100x150cm
SWL: 500 – 1000kgs
SF: 5:1

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