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Jumbo Bag for casava starch

Jumbo Bag for casava starch


Cassava starch is the very fine powder. In order to contain and transport this type of product safely, the FIBC must be stable, the fabric should be covered by the lamination to prevent the leakage which causes difficulties in the loading-unloading process.

One of the most important point when using the FIBC is the filling-discharging process which should be closed enough to prevent the powder comes out, this will help to keep the packing area clean, causes lesser harm to the human health and limit the product waste. Therefore, the suitable FIBC for this one is normally circular form with baffle and filler cords.


An Vinh FIBC for starch is produced with a qualified process which is especially designed for food packaging product. Exceed thread will be checked and cut off, using heat cut for fabric and belts to prevent the fraying issue. The factory has the blowing machines to keep the bag out of the foreign objects like paper, yarn, hair… before the bag is folded.

This type of bag is circular form with top filling spout and the bottom discharge spout. The top spout will be connected to the filling device and the bottom will be connected to the other device. Thus, the loading/unloading is remained closely.

Circular FIBC with 4 baffle panels which was made by laminated PP fabric with some punch holes. This design helps the bag to stand stably and the shape remains square. Customers can stack 2-3 bag on top of each other without any problem, saving the space in their warehouse.

Filler cords used in the FIBC is stitched to the bag by the special sewing machines, ensure the sewing line straight. Filler cord is sewn outside of the normal stitching line (top spout, body, bottom and bottom spout) that makes the bag nicer and stabler, improve the leakage protection function.

– 105x105x115cm
– 105x110x115cm
SWL: 800 – 850 kg
SF: 5:1

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