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Jumbo Bag for resin granulates

Jumbo Bag for resin granulates


FIBC for containing resin granulates is made with circular, 4-panel or U-panel shape, the purpose of using is to contain mainly plastic granulates: pp, pvc, pe… with the loading capacity around 500kgs, 750kgs, 1000kgs. Besides, this type of FIBC can be used to contain the plastic ingot or plastic molds.

The form of this FIBC could be circular, 4-panel or U-panel. The design of the top spout/top skirt will help the worker to fill the material quicker. This bag will normally has discharge spout which helps the worker discharge the material out easily.


FIBC for granulates can be designed with flexibility based on the customer’s requirements.
– 4-panel or U-panel FIBC comes with corner loops or cross corner loops with this design that can load a significant capacity and ensure the bag can stand firmly.

– Circular form: body is rounded. This design protect the bag from the fabric broken issue while being transported.

FIBC with 4 baffle panels which was made by laminated PP fabric with some punch holes at 4 corners of the bag. This design helps the bag to stand stably and the shape remains square. Customers can stack 2-3 bag on top of each other without any problem, saving the space in their warehouse.

SWL: 1000 – 1500kgs
SF: 5:1

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