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Sling Fibc Bag

Sling Fibc Bag


Sling bag is a type of FIBC, using for transportation goods such as: cement, rice, granulates, tapioca flour, etc at ports. Sling bag can prevent disadvantage situations during transportation and reduce labor cost.


Sling FIBC bag is with/without body. Belt is the main part and require very high strength. Belt of An Vinh FIBC is made from Mono and PP, 100% virgin material and super strong. Belt’s width is from 5cm to 10cm, strength is from 1800N to over 2200N. Depending on customers’ requirements, An Vinh FIBC will produce most suitable belt strength.

Dimension: 1200x1200x1300mm
SWL: 1000 – 2500kgs
SF: 5:1

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