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High quality U-Panel FIBC from An Vinh Packaging

With modern facilities and experienced staff, An Vinh Packaging is currently supplying high-quality U-Panel FIBC that is being trusted by our customer’s world wide.

Advantage of U-Panel FIBC?

U-Panel FIBC is made by joining two pieces of PP fabric with a U-shape PP fabric. The U shape PP fabric plays the role for the bag’s wall and bottom which helps to equalize the forces of the material inside to all area of the bags.

Therefore, this type of FIBC can be used to contain starch, granulate material, chemical or high-density material.

An Vinh U-Panel FIBC has different advantages:

  • Fabric and belt are made by high-quality PP material. This helps the bag to load at great weight, maximum 1500Kgs, SF 5:1. Weather resistance supported.
  • Flexible design based on customers’ requirements. For example lamination option, fabric gsm based on the loading weight or contained material…

The top of the bag can be duffle, spout or full open depending on the type of material that is contained inside.

  • The quality control system follows ISO 21898 and JIS Z 1651. This provides the customers the highest quality product by demand.

An Vinh produces U-Panel FIBC with corner loop belts or cross corner belts, normal sewing or overlock sewing, dust proof or baffle… depending on the customers’ requirements.

Competitive price & lead time

An Vinh Packaging – one of the biggest FIBC manufacturer in Vietnam proudly provide the customers the highest quality products with the most competitive price & lead time.

Our FIBC is being supplied to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand… With our modern facilities and technology from Korea, India, together with our experienced and well-trained staff, using the best quality control system, we are confidently supply to you the highest quality product with the most competitive price.

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