An Vinh

ISO 9001: 2005

Nowaday, An Vinh own the certifications ISO 9001: 2005 about quality mangament system, ISO 14001:2005 about environmental management system, ISO 2200:2005 about food contact management system. This showed that An Vinh packaging is converged all of standards of a high quality, suitable for general trend in the world.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a system of all international standards, it’s made up base on experiences of the most successful management in the world. Nowaday, more than 160 countries are ISO’s members. The ISO’s head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland . Viet Nam is the 77th country participate in ISO standard system. The ISO’ standards are translated into Vietnamese by the name ” Tieu chuan Viet Nam” ( TCVN)

ISO is applied all over the world with the standards about Comerce and Industry.

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