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Top 4 reasons to use jumbo bags for agricultural products

The sharp population growth has led to increasing demand of food transportation. It is estimested that by the midle of this century, the population of the world is expected to reach nearly 10 billions people and the amount of food supply will have to be about 70% more than it is today. Therefore, the demand for FIBC packaging will also increase proportionally. Here are 4 important reasons why you should use big bags for agricultural products.

Moisture-proof and prevent damage caused by pests

Jumbo bag is water resistant and moisture-proof. The special feature of these FIBCs is  preventing mold growth. In addition, big bags keep products safe from pests and extend their shelf life.

High durability for a long time

Strength and lasting durability are important aspects of jumbo bags. Long-distance transportation requires sturdy packaging to protect the product. In addition, the tear resistance prevents the product from being spilled or damaged.

Environmental friendliness

Environmental friendliness is the need of the times. Using FIBC packaging will stop deforestation and minimize emissions into the environment. Besides, jumbo bags can be reused and recycled, very environmentally friendly.

Improve occupational safety

Barrels and sacks are substitutes for FIBC bags. However, lifting them not only negatively affects the back but also increases risk of severe damage to the goods in case of trouble. In the event of an occupational accident, the workers may be in danger of being lost entire working capacity. FIBC packaging transported by forklifts and other equipment will mitigate danger that workers may encounter during process of manual labor.

Damaged agricultural goods cause waste of precious resources. Transporting agricultural products in the FIBC packaging help to reduce waste, protect harvested crops from since they are stored in the warehouse until shipment. Therefore, enterprises can be assured of a main crop more abundant than usual with interest.

There is an increasing demand for FIBC packaging for the agricultural industry to meet the transportation of food around the world. Jumbo bag has proven that it reduces waste and costs without affecting the value that it provides. An Vinh Packaging is the largest FIBC packaging manufacturer in Vietnam. We are confident that the quality of our Jumbo bags will meet your expectations.

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