FIBC Bags Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs!

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers can store and transport all different types of materials including both hazardous and non-hazardous dry flow-able materials.

FIBCs (bulk bags, jumbo bags) are great for both your products and your business. They are not just environmentally friendly, versatile and practical, you can also add cost-effective to that list. They make transportation and storage easier and reduce shipping costs. 

1.Transportation costs

Jumbo bags do not require pallets in transport, which will eliminate the need for secondary packaging. These pallets would add not only weight but also buying costs and take up additional space. Furthermore, it eliminates the use of protective packaging material. Big Bags are extremely durable and don’t require a second layer of protection around your product.

2. Low dead weight 

It is clear that the heavier a container, the more dead weight you pay to ship. Bulk bags have an extremely low dead weight,thus they also help minimize unnecessary costs during shipping. By using FIBCs, you are able to ship more product for less money.

3. Carry large quantities

There must be a reason why they are called Big Bags. You are able to transport working loads ranging from 500 – 2000 kilograms by using just a single Big Bag. This again saves costs on additional packaging material.

4. Save storage costs

Saving space means saving costs because warehouse space is expensive. Most business try to use each square foot of space efficiently. FIBCs take up minimal space and can be folded into a compact size if they are not used. Even filled bags can often be stacked on top of each other to maximize your space.

5. Can be reused

You can use big bag more than once to reduce the costs if you choose the right bag. These type of big bags are specifically manufactured for multiple uses and they are called 6:1 SFR (Safety Factor Ratio) bags. Even though not all of FIBCs are reusable, there are still possibilities to buy multiple use ones.

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