What makes An Vinh Packaging’s PP bags highly appreciated by customers?

PP packaging, also known as PP woven bags, is a common product, often used as packaging for agricultural products. Currently, An Vinh Packaging’s PP bags are appreciated by customers for their outstanding quality, competitive price, and fast delivery time that can meet customer requirements.

PP bags of An Vinh Packaging have outstanding durability, convenience, and low price.
PP bags of An Vinh Packaging have outstanding durability, convenience, and low price.

In the world or in Vietnam, the market for agricultural products is expanding considerably for export to other countries. Therefore, firms also pay more attention to quality, image, and brand, especially on PP woven bags.

PP bags of An Vinh have high mechanical strength

PP woven fabric used for packaging agricultural products has high mechanical strength, durable, very good impact resistance that can prevent breaking or tearing during transportation. By the checkered PP fabric structure, 10×10 or 8×8 weaving density, up to 800D, 1000D yarn thickness, the product can withstand horizontal and vertical tensile, and especially impact forces. This structure of the An Vinh PP bag helps to best protect the product inside.

Currently, An Vinh provides PP bags with a tonnage of 20-25 kgs, coated or uncoated, and waterproof or mold-proof PE liners can be nested.

Our products have been trusted by many international customers for many years until now, especially in demanding countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Sharp printing technology

In addition to the outstanding quality of PP bags – the biggest point for customers, An Vinh is also proud of owning the most advanced printing technology today. We understand that each PP packaging product carries the image and brand of the business, so An Vinh pays special attention to the quality of ink and printing technology.

Our agricultural product packaging has a sharp, impressive, and realistic image, which helps to increase the value of the product as well as contribute to the competitiveness of agricultural production enterprises in the world.

The dedicated and professional consulting team

With experience in cooperation with many domestic and foreign partners, An Vinh has built a professional business system to help manage and operate effectively. Not only possess a team of experienced and dedicated staff, but we also invest in professional customer care services.

Depending on each individual needs related to the cost and price of PP woven bags, An Vinh Packaging will advise you on the most suitable packaging options.


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