Products of An Vinh

  • U-Panel Bags

    • U-panel bags are constructed with three body panels – one that runs the full length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides (made U-shape) and two additional pieces of fabric sewn into the larger piece that ...
  • Sling Bags

    Known for high load bearing strength, An Vinh industrial Sling Bags are considered as one of the best packaging solutions and enable transportation of heavy sacks. Moreover, An Vinh of Sling Bags (FIBC) provides protection against adverse conditions during transit ...
  • 4-Panel Jumbo Bags

    • 4-panel bags are constructed with four individual pieces sewn together to form a square structure. When filled, a 4-panel bag will hold its square shape similar to other construction types. Typically, 4-panel bags will hold their shape better ...
  • Tubular Bags

    Tubular bags are made with a tubular piece of fabric that forms all sides of the bag allowing for stitching only for the top and bottom of the bag. There is a common misconception with tubular bags regarding their ...
  • PP Fabric

    PP Fabric, also known as PP woven fabric, is made from pp resin, known for its tensile strength, elongation, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance. PP Fabric serves a variety of industries worldwide, used in large packaging or industrial bags.
  • PP Strap

    PP straps made of polypropylene are cost-effective materials, widely used in many industries. PP straps is a belt used in the field of packaging products such as materials, semi-finished products as well as some finished products

Specification of Bags

Baffle Bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once they are filled. Most of soybean, corn, barley growers uses baffle bags which allows the bag to stand straight.

PE wrapped in a jumbo bag is called Inliner. Used when packing super-fine powder, water, moisture, food safety. In Vietnam, most of them use the bottom welded tube or the two ends. Overseas, Liner is shaped like a jumbo bag

Jumbo bags are increasingly used in the food packaging industry, to accommodate and transport large loads of 500-1500kg. An Vinh Packaging jumbo bags meet ISO 22000 International foodclean standard

When it comes to an electric discharge it is possible that explosive environment. In order to prevent this, there are special conductive big bags using in explosive environments and explosive products.

Form-stable/ Dust-proof Baffle Bag

Jumbo Bags with Inliner

Foodclean Jumbo Bags

Conductive Jumbo Bags