Baffle and sift-proof Jumbo Bag

Technical Data:

Type of bag:Baffle and sift-proof Jumbo Bag
Material: PP
Weight load: up to 2500 kgs
Types of bag:
+ Baffle and sift-proof 4-panel Jumbo bag
+ Baffle and sift-proof U-panel Jumbo bag
+ Baffle and sift-proof tubular Jumbo bag



In order to ensure the quality of goods, during the process of loading, transporting and arranging in Jumbo bag storage, it is always necessary to keep the square shape. However, for grain products and fine powder, this is often difficult because the bag is easy to bulge. If you encounter this case, An Vinh Packaging’s Jumbo bafflel bag will be a perfect choice for you. Jumbo baffle bag with 4 anti-bulge partitions inside, sewn with PP woven fabric and cut holes to stand upright when being loaded and transported. Besides anti-bulge, An Vinh Packaging can also produce sift-proof Jumbo. This type of bag is sewn with extremely strong anti-leakage thread to help the inner product not to leak outside at all.

Our products:
– Meticulous and secured seam
– Closed production process
– Strict quality control process
– Safe Working Load (SWL) max 2500 kgs, Safety factor (SF) up to 7: 1
– Meet quality inspection standards: ISO 21898 and JIS Z 1651
– Packed in clean room standard class 10000

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