Overlock Jumbo Bag

Technical data:
Type of bag: Overlock Jumbo Bag
Raw materials: PP plastic
Weight load: up to 2500kg
Types of bags: sewing for U body types, Tubular body (sewing-thread at the bottom of the bag) and 4-panel
Only overlock PP 5000D thread
Thread color: blue, white, black




With the overlock sewing method, the thread will be stronger and avoid being ripped. This sewing method is usually applied to the body of U-shaped corner straps, 4-panel or bottom seams for body tubes.

Key features:
– Use only PP overlock 5000D threads
– Flexible design that best suits your needs
– Safe Working Load (SWL) max 2500 kgs, Safety factor (SF) up to 7: 1
– Meet quality inspection standards: ISO 21898 and JIS Z 1651
– Closed production process
– Strict quality control process
– Packed in clean room standard class 10000
– Weather resistance from 1 year, 2 years to 5 years depending on requirements

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