Tubular Jumbo Bag

Technical data

Type of bag: Tubular Jumbo Bag
Raw materials: PP plastic
Weight: up to 2500 kgs
Types of bags:
+ Jumbo bag with round bottom and open top JBO1
+ Jumbo bags with round bottom and open top JBO2
+ Jumbo bag with round bottom, regular top JBO3
+ Jumbo bag with round bottom, open top JBO4
+ Jumbo bag with square bottom tube, regular top JBOV1
+ Jumbo bag with square bottom body, open top JBOV2
+ Jumbo bags with square bottom, open top JBOV3
+ Jumbo bags with square bottom, regular top JBOV4



If you are looking for a flexible, large-capacity container solution without having to worry about the packaging being torn, An Vinh’s tuburlar Jumbo bags are the best solution. The tubular Jumbo bag is made of a tubular fabric that forms on all sides of the bag, allowing stitches on the bottom and lid of the bag. This FIBC sack eliminates the risk of seams being torn in the body, making it suitable for powders such as flour, rice, minerals, chemicals, metal powders.

An Vinh’s Jumbo bag body is the perfect choice for you because:

– Constructed of a piece of fabric that makes up all four sides of the bag while they still look like the square/ rectangular FIBC
– High quality fabric and belt
– Flexible design that best suits your needs
– Safe Working Load (SWL) max 2500 kgs, Safety factor (SF) up to 7: 1
– Meet quality inspection standards: ISO 21898 and JIS Z 1651
– Closed production process
– Strict quality control process
– Packed in clean room standard class 10000
– Weather resistance from 1 year, 2 years to 5 years depending on requirements

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