AN PHAT HOLDINGS (APH): Launch New Brand Logo and Announce Corporate Model

AN PHAT HOLDINGS (APH): Launch New Brand Logo and Announce Corporate Model

On 29/9/2018, An Phat officially launched a new brand identity and announced the development model as a corporation, marking a new development stage with a vision to become a leading group of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic in Southeast Asia.

Changing the corporation logo and the logo of 11 member companies
From September 29th, An Phat Holdings and all 11 member companies agreed to use a single logo. The new logo is stylized from the letter A, the leading symbol and the first letter of the An Phat brand. The blue logo represents the technology, demonstrating the integration trend of An Phat in the digital era 4.0. In the logo, there is an upward arrow representing aspirations to move forward, unremitting efforts of An Phat.

Changing the corporation’s business model
Developing as a group along with the new brand identification, An Phat’s development strategy was also implemented through the transformation of developing pattern to group model with 11 subsidiary companies operating in the fields of manufacturing plastic household, construction plastics, fiber, logistic ,etc and many branches operating in foreign countries such as USA, France, Singapore ,etc This corporate model helps An Phat improve its closed business ecosystem and increase value by controlling supply chain and value chain. Member companies form a unified body, using only one brand identity, expressing consensus toward the same mission.

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